Haunted Hunting - Fantasia Works

Haunted Hunting

Dare to enter the haunted swamp? Hunters, load your weapons!

The adventure starts with a preshow in the bayou lodge. Hunters will be given special weaponry to take down the creatures that lurk in the swamp as they walk through the narrow wooden path. 

The Haunted Hunting multisensory atmosphere is built around a dark marshy wetland concept where targets appear randomly while the player moves through a well-defined path. Points are awarded according to speed and accuracy of the shots. A live scoreboard at the preshow room, pumps up the suspense and excitement for those next.

Game Area Size

  • Area

    250 or
  • Ceiling height

    3 m

  • Prop

    set decor, pre show room with
    service counter

  • Equipment

    laser guns with red dot sights, targets, photogates, UV-lighting, screens and scoreboards, sounds & speakers

  • Targeted age group

    8 to adult


2 years for props, 1 year for electronics